Why Software Engineering ?

Software engineers are in high demand !

University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is one of the few in the nation to offer a software engineering degree affiliated with Pakistan Engineering Council & is based on Outcome Based Education System.
As a software engineer, you can use your expertise in computer science, engineering, and math to design, develop, and evaluate software for companies that configure and install computer systems. Specific tasks software engineers perform evolve quickly, reflecting changes in technology, as well as the needs of employers. They work as members of teams that may include engineering,
marketing, manufacturing, and design professionals who work together to create new products.

Fastest Growing Field

Rapid employment growth is expected in software engineering for several years, providing excellent job opportunities for university graduates.

Several Career Options

More than a million software engineers were employed in the Pakistan , mostly for medium- to large-size firms. A growing number are becoming self-employed as consultants.

High Starting Salaries

The average starting salary for software engineering graduates with a bachelor’s degree is more than 40,000.

Freelance Opportunity

Freelance industry has grown rapidly ,if you have skills you can start your own business online.

Message From Coordinator 

Dr. Ghulam Sarwar
Coordinator Software Engineering UAJK

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Software Engineering (DSE). We at DSE offer degree program in Software Engineering. Since its inception, the Department is playing vital role in developing skilled software professionals. Our mission is to discover new ideas based on ICT, and apply them for the welfare of the nation. Our every effort is dedicated to establish knowledge oriented learning environment where our competent faculty members offer their best output and students are encouraged to show their best.

Our courses are unique blend of the core principles of the discipline and new advances in the fast-moving world of software and information technology. We are rightly proud of our academic performance, but at DSE learning means much more than the quest for excellent grades. Extracurricular activities are evenly important here, and we are really aware of our responsibility to prepare young people who can enter the professional life as confident, helpful and responsible citizens. There are efforts of good people behind every successful institution, and I believe that our teacher and students are the best to achieve any height of excellence.

University Vision

Transformation to excellence through holistic education.

University Mission

The University of AJ&K is committed to quality education, research values-driven…..

DSE Vision

To become the academic leader in software engineering with a professional and
technological ….

DSE Mission

To prepare graduates to have concrete software engineering knowledge, real-world…